For many years, a large number of consumers have been at odds with the automotive service providers.

Rather than developing an experience based on trust, convenience and value, consumers have been forced to consume non-descript products and services on someone else's terms. Powered by cutting edge technology and class-leading service, 5 Gears Auto Care was designed to break the auto-service mold.

In the spirit of optimal customer experience and service, 5 Gears Auto Care has put some of the best aftermarket automotive brands under one roof. Unlike current auto mall concepts, these brands operate as one entity under the 5 Gears Auto Care brand. Your trusted service advisor will deliver the brand and service(s) that best meet your needs at any given juncture.

By putting the customer in control, consumers can experience auto service when, and how, they want it.


5 Gears Auto 5 Gears Auto


Speedy Auto Service

Minute Muffler Brake and Wheel

Novus Windshield Repair

Speedy Quick Lube (Presented by Castrol)

Wash Works